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Work from Home, Office, PC, Mac, Laptop, Desktop or Tablet.

Using the latest technology, eCaseView harnesses the power of cloud based solutions to secure, store, share, manage and present your story.


Break free from legacy software antique file formats. No need to purchase expensive software packages. We offer an easy to get into, ease to learn package that allows you to pay as you go, and only after you have the job.

what features do we offer?

Video and transcript synchronization. Document and exhibit OCR, search and linking to your transcripts. Real video clips that you can send share, send and present.

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Better Solutions for
Telling Your Story

We are a Litigation Support Software Company based in San Diego
Better Synchronization Results
Great pricing

Same price, better results, and billing that fits your needs.

more features

All the great features you expect from great trial prep software, plus new features appearing all the time.


Add as many users to your account as you need.


Easy to use web interface.

A user friendly application that saves you time.

Present your case across a courtroom or across the country.

Our web based technology allows you to present, view and collaborate anywhere.

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